10 Countries Facing Most Poverty Issues in 2013

When thinking of the world’s poorest countries you may think of Haiti or Bangladesh but you would be wrong. The truth is that all of the world’s 10 poorest countries are located in just one continent: Africa.

Here is the list of which are considered to be the world’s poorest countries today.

01: Congo


Congo is now considered to be the poorest country in the world. Ravaged by wars and corruption after WW11, finally the shortage of oil in the 1990’s saw the last hope of any economy of worth in this country. Formerly known as Zaire, it receives almost no visitors and id also considered as being one of the world’s most dangerous countries.

02: Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe comes in second place in the poorest countries list. Although it too has been ravaged by wars, corruption is this countries biggest enemy. It does possess natural resources but because the corruption is so high, no foreign investors will finance the mining.

03: Liberia


Liberia comes in third place. The unemployment rate here mirrors the poverty level at 85%. Economic mismanagement finally erupted in to civil war in 1989, a war that has left the country deficient in both school and health facilities.

04: Niger


Niger, whose official language is French, is forth on the list. Its dessert terrain and complete lack of infrastructure does not help this countries position. Probably the main reason for its poverty though, is its unstable political leadership. Discrimination of sexes makes this a particularly hard place for women to live.

05: Burundi


Burundi is a landlocked country, which does not help its economy. Here one in fifteen people suffer from AIDS or HIV and most children suffer from malnutrition. A weak legal system, bad economic management, corruption and civil war, all contribute to this countries position.

06: Central African Republic

Central African Republic
Central African Republic

Central African Republic comes in 6th on our list. Although the economy of this country is based on agriculture, poor management and dishonesty means that it is reliant on foreign imports. The country is also rife with diseases such as AIDS, yet has poor health facilities.

07: Eritrea


Eritrea is 7th on the list and is once again reliant on agriculture. 80% of the country is involved in farming or livestock. Although currently still at 7th, it is already going through major restructuring in many areas, such as education.

08: Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is perhaps as high as eighth on the list because it has a gold and diamond industry but unemployment in the country is high. Almost 50% of the populace does not have access to hygienic drinking water.

09: Malawi


Malawi as well as being one of the poorest nations is also listed as being one of the most dangerous. This country is also considered to have one of the poorest development records. A poor communications system is thought to be one of the reasons for Malawi’s poor economy.

10: Togo


Togo is the last on our list of 10 poorest countries. Its economic problems stem from an unstable political system and civil wars imposed on it by neighboring countries.

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  1. Chris d. m. Jallah, I was expecting Liberia to be the first poorest country in the World . because few months from now on Liberia will silence with dead bodies coz we had been mad handle by our so-cal, criminals in nature corrupt government officials!

    1. These countries are also associated with rampant and chronic corruption. The money you kindly donate with good intentions ends up in people’s hands and personal bank accounts. Top government officials and their agents use tax payers’ money to build houses and buy cars for girl/boy friends. Lord have mercy!!!!!!!

  2. we are so much happy for we are now not poorest country my country name is bangladesh we are now established country pray for my country 🙂

  3. I was expecting Ethiopia from the first three as Ethiopians` life is under difficult tragedy of poverty. Look the life of majority of Ethiopians in Addis Ababa City and all rural people of Ethiopia.

    1. at this time ethiopa is registerin gfast economic development.IMF’s report shows that ethiopia has the fastest growing economy.The renaisance dam,rail way construction,condominium hause building,construction of 7 sugar factories,wind electric power construction,cement factory constraction,etc are underway especialy at this time. so my friend Adem is not from Ethiopia or he has decided not to tell the truth.god bless Ethiopia.

      1. exactly brother i think its one these haters watchin too much tv hihi better step to mama land first then comment or maybe u did but i think was longtiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime agoooooooooooooo. if Ethiopia was one of those u would see Ethiopia writin but u dnt so sorry to disappoint u. Bless to Ethiopia n Afreeka hope everythin change soon

        1. you might have watched the lie of ESAT TV…But there is are a lot of growth
          in Ethiopia Please come and see if you want the truth…

    2. Adem you must be a shabia Eritrean mad for not seeing Ethiopia on the list with your fake country so called Eritrea. Your dream of seeing a weak,poor, and divided Ethiopia will not happen. Ethiopia is on the rise God bless Ethiopia and the whole World.

      1. Zewdi don’t run to insult eritrea or eritreans, for negative comments on ethiopia. grow up.the living standared of this people is more or less similar, one is not better than the other.

    3. u ignorant “Adam”, seeing is believing. so come and see what is happening in Ethiopia- u’ll b surprised for sure. Ethiopia is the fifth biggest economy in sub-saharan Africa (excluding North Africa). we’ll be the leading economy in Africa in near future just wait.

  4. Unbelievable, did i hear my Country rank third God save Liberia all we got is nothing but big mouth. Is the President truly a Harvard trained? I doubt it no.

    1. No unacceptable please re-check your data Liberia can’t be third after all Liberia got the largest rubber plantation in the world (firestone), reserved forest, Gold and diamond, Timber,Iron ore, now Liberia is discussing oil block 13 among others how possible would Liberia be third?

  5. @adam ethiopia is not poor you come and check, google will show you ethiopia which was in 1977. So dont trust what you hear

  6. This is based on GDP, Haiti should be up there as well, and it should also be based on the quality of life and not only GDP.

  7. I thought my country Malawi would come in the top three, but sitting on 9th position makes my belief that I have in this corrupt governed country even grow high. The supply has it wrong to say that this is one of the most dangerous one – this needs expanding so we understand the context of this statement. Otherwise, poverty in this friendly, full of potential with hard working people country is able to take root because of bad leadership

  8. Well that’s something!!!!!!!!!! finally we are out of this rank and we will go so far away from this. Thank God!!!!! Viva Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. i am very sorry to see Eritrea on this list. I do believe that Eritreans are very strong people and they will soon get out of this list. MAY GOD BLESS THESE NATIONS WITH HIS PEACE, LOVE AND BLESSINGS!

    1. biruk it isnot tomean all peoples in every nations are not strong but ther is aselfish government

      1. @abduselam, trust me Eritreans are the most hard working ppl on earth. for your info. Eritrea is on the list. due to UN sanction since 2009.

  10. Is is sad that the framework of GDP is just looking at how much money a country has but never involved how big land people use or not to grow food for their own family. This is because those who created this GDP never know where they came from but our leader of the country never understand this.

  11. Oh my people of the world please look at and help my country Liberia.We are dying from poverty,unemployed,poor education,poor health care and 85% feed on least than 1 Dollar u.s. But government officer are buying cars and building houses for their boy/girl friends!! LIBERIANS ARE DYING!!!

  12. This is not very accurate becouse for my point of view i think that Ethiopia and Somali should be on the top of the list I studied geography. there a lot edcated smart people in Eritrea and that cames thro Education. Its funny how Smalia and Ethiopia isn’t here Somali is fall of wors all the money they get for food they speand it on gans they dont even have many houses. … I hope you studied the real renking

    1. @Merry,
      Thank you for your honesty, Eritrean is in this list due to UN sanction since 2009. Eritrea is not rich yet and at this time our economy is not good. unlike other poor nation we do not have a kids who live on street and beg for food. I am positive that our economy will go up after they UN remove the sanction.

  13. 3 Years to come, South Africa is gonna be the world’s poorest country. Look at our economic downfall and corruption. I’m scared. :’c

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