Top 10 Reasons to Watch American Horror Story Coven

All the American horror story seasons have lived up to their expectations. For that reason, the series has gathered a great deal of viewers which has increased its popularity. Now on its third season, the series has won a number of awards and received nominations on different award ceremonies. Recently, the American coven received an award for the Favourite TV movie/miniseries at the 40th edition of the People’s Choice Award ceremony.
The horror miniseries airs on the FX Networks and you can catch the American horror story new episode which normally airs on Wednesdays. The TV miniseries is nearing its final episode which is expected to be broadcasted on Jan 29, 2014.
Besides its popularity, here are a few pointers as to why you must watch this captivating miniseries.

American Horror Story Coven

10) Younger witches

Almost all the students who make it to the academy are outcasts possessing different powers. For example Zoe has the powers to cause instant death to anyone she sleeps with.

9) Campy name

The miniseries features a series of cast names that sound more of drag queens. They include names such as; Misty Day, Cordelia Foxx, Fiona Goode and Myrtle Snow.

8) Leslie Jordan

Jordan also makes an appearance as Quentin the Warlock. He takes up the role of a Truman Capote style author and a male witch; something that has not featured in the show.

7) Plenty of male beefcake

The ladies and the gay dudes have plenty to look out for in the Coven. There are plenty of shots that would be appealing to the gay dudes and the ladies starting from the rippling arms of Bastian to the numerous screen shots of Even Peters’ bare ass.

6) A John Waters Reference

Throughout the entire American horror story seasons, they have been making references to famous horror movies of the past. In the Coven they have made at least three references from the cult filmmaker John Waters.

5) Amusingly bitchy attitude and dialogue

Everything about this series is plain and simple, not subtle. The characters have no filters and usually tell it like it is. The approach followed to write the script is uniquely different and interesting at the same time.

4) Powerful acting divas

If you love some diva action on your screen, American Horror Story will give you more than you can bargain for. The miniseries has a cast of some fierce women who have probably been pushed out of mainstream Hollywood fare. They include; Sarah Paulson as Cordelia Foxx, Frances Conroy as Myrtle Snow, Jessica Lange as Fiona Goode among others.

3) Sarah Paulson returns

Followers of American horror story seasons will attest to the fact that in the last round of the miniseries, Sarah Paulson turned heads with her outstanding performances in her reporter’s role. In this season, she makes a comeback not as a reporter but as the head of Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies.

2) Creativity in the team

In this year’s edition, the creative work behind the scene is spot on considering the fact that it is a witch miniseries with magical stunts. Everything about the miniseries spells out creativity from acting to the story telling.

1) A nice Vibe

The American coven fans can expect so much from American Horror Story this year. The miniseries has a totally different vibe from the other seasons. Ryan Murphy perfected of his art and created a very intriguing story line evident from its first episode.