Top 10 Reasons to be at Fifa World Cup 2014

Brazil is known for many other things and football is certainly amongst them. Dubbed as the home of football, Brazil oozes in talent in as far as the game is concerned. The South American country has managed to produce some of the most celebrated talents in the sport including; Pele, Socrates, Didi, Tostao, Zizinho and Ronaldo. It is the passion behind this game that will make Brazil 2014 the best ever tournament.

Fifa World Cup 2014
It has been a while since a South American country hosted the prestigious tournament that seeks to bring the best nations in football together. Argentina was the last South American nation to host the tournament dating back in 1978. This year’s event will see to it that Brazil follows in the footsteps of Italy, Germany and France as nations that have hosted the Fifa World Cup twice. Why don’t you grab yourself the fifa world cup 2014 tickets and witness history in the making.
Here are a few reasons as to why Brazil 2014 will be the place to be at.

10) Tourism

Brazil offers a perfect tourist destination for anyone who is after adventure. Therefore before making use of your fifa world cup 2014 tickets, you can explore the land.

9) Fans

Brazilians are passionate about football and the fan base is outstanding. Brazilian fans are rated amongst the loudest fans in the world who always put up a show with their ”Ole, ole, ole” song.

8) Legendary stadiums

The country is blessed with some of the most amazing and legendary venues to host the tournament. One of the most celebrated stadiums is the Maracana Stadium which has undergone reconstruction.

7) Weather

It’s a well-known fact that the weather conditions can impact matches. It is believed that in Brazil, within the four weeks, fans and teams will experience four seasons. It will be fascinating to see how teams will adjust to these conditions.

6) No longer a one team tournament

From the fifa 2014 world cup qualifications, it was evident that we can expect an open tournament. All the teams are competitive such that picking out a favourite team to clinch the title is quite hard.

5) Brazil is home to the beautiful game

As someone who loves the game, you’ll want to get a feel of where exactly football originated hence giving you more reasons to be at Brazil 2014.

4) Bikinis and babes

The off-pitch action is always a beauty especially in Brazil; any photographer can attest to that. The luscious Latinos always turn up in number to grace the occasion. Be sure to enjoy colourful and curvaceous scenery.

3) Lovely beaches

Brazil is blessed with some lovely beaches which will give a sense of the Brazilian lifestyle. One of the most popular beaches to the locals and the tourists is the Copacabana beach.

2) Superstar studded

Every top footballer will be at the event including your favourite star such as Cristiano Ronaldo who has just won the Ballon d’Or, Lionel Messi, Frank Ribery, Mesut Ozil, Falcao among others. We’ll be looking at whether these superstars will help their teams take home the trophy.

1) Best of the Best

The teams featuring in this year’s tournament are the best that the world can offer. The fifa 2014 world cup qualifications made sure that only the top teams are picked to feature in the world’s most prestigious tournament in as far as football is concerned.