Top 10 Reasons to be at Coachella Music Festival 2014

The eagerly-anticipated Coachella line up for the 2014 music fest is finally out. The 2014 Coachella fest is staged to be held later on in April at Indio. Over the years, the music festival has attracted thousands of music fanatics from all around the world who enjoy the sweet sounds of their favourite artists. This year’s event is set to leave up to the Coachella standards.
The three day event will take place over two weekends (April 11-13and April 18-20) and the Coachella line up is expected to feature some of the greatest artists in the industry. For an event that is already sold out! Much can be expected from the same. It was utterly fascinating how fans rushed to secure their Coachella 2014 tickets within the few hours of its announcement.
So, what exactly is the buzz about this year’s festival making it a must attend show? Most definitely is the line up! The star studded fest will feature some of finest artists with the peak being the cameo of the ’90s hip hop duo, OutKast! Get ready for some ”Hey Ya!” Here is a list of the artists who are expected to feature at the 2014 Coachella fest.

Coachella Music Festival 2014
Coachella Music Festival 2014

10) The Knife

The duo is expected to make an appearance at the music festival with their hit song ”A Tooth For An Eye.” Their latest album dubbed ”Shaking the Habitual” was well received by their fans and it managed to top several chats.

9) Muse

For some time now, Muse have remained quiet. Muse fan can also get a glimpse of their favourite artists as they are also expected to feature in the 2014 Coachella line up. The group is also expected to release a new album.

8) Ellie Goulding

The artist who made her first appearance at Coachella 2011 is also expected to feature at this year’s event. The pop star is expected to dazzle the crowd with her latest record ”Burn.”

7) Arcade Fire

Their infamous ball drop headline set also appeared during the 2011 fest and still remains in our minds. The group recently released a new album dubbed ”Reflektor” which they are currently promoting and are expected to us a taste of it during the fest.

6) Haim

The sister band has so far managed to attract a huge fan base who love their 80’s inspired rock n’ roll style of music. The popular group is expected to perform their song ” My Song 5”.

5) Queens of the Stone Age

The Coachella Valley natives are also expected to make an appearance with at the 2014 Coachella fest. They’ll be promoting their latest album ”Like Clockwork”.

4) Lorde

As one of the outstanding hype-pop artist of 2013, Lord had to make it into the list. She’s expected to light up the stage with the performance of her hit single ”Buzzcut Season”.

3) Beck

The legendary singer and song writer will make an appearance at this year’s fest after featuring in the first edition of the gig.

2) Lana Del Rey

Dubbed as our favourite tormented pop star, Lana Del Rey has also managed to secure a spot at the 2014 event.

1) Outkast

This is probably the biggest headliner at the event. The REUNITING of Outkast. The duo will grace the stage with their hit single ”Hey Ya” and ”Roses” and make you appreciate the hassle behind the Coachella 2014 tickets.