Top 10 Reasons Why Facebook is Still the Best Social Media Website

Let is face it, in 2013 there are so many social media sites that even the most connected social net workers would be hard pressed to list even half of them. Nonetheless, with all of the social networks out there – even if you took the top 10 best social sites and put them together they still would be no match for Facebook. Why? Because over the years, Facebook has managed to do 10 things very well that many other social networks seem to have taken for granted. Here as the list:

In fact, more often than not it is the creepy behavioral ads that follow you all over the internet if you happen to accidently mouse over one of them while trying to click something else. Now contrast this with Facebook see the difference? Every second that you spend closing ads is a second that you are not interacting with your friends.


10. Walled Garden

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to leave Facebook after you are logged in? Better yet, that question should actually be worded when was the last time you we are not logged into Facebook? The reason is like this is that the social platform has found a way to include so much inside of its walls that users have no reason to leave.

9. Mobile

From the start Facebook invested heavily in their mobile phone app. Judging from the results, which include an estimated 126 mobile users, this investment has paid off handsomely for the social media giant.

8. Less Ads

Think about the number of times that you are visited a social networking platform, outside of Facebook and been absolutely bombarded by ads. And we are not talking just the static display ads.

7. Entertainment

Facebook provides just as much entertainment value as they do offer in general communication value. Just look at all of the game apps that have become popular ai solely because of Facebook!

6. Less Spam

Many social networks seem to have become overtaken by zombie-like market, whose every update, message or comment is about their latest and greatest business opportunity. However, Facebook has managed to filter these types of messages so that you don’t see nearly as many of these spammy messages as you find on other social networks.

5. Ease of Use

One of the best things about Facebook is the ease of use. In fact, both their mobile app and desktop website are two of the most user friendly platforms that you will ever find on the web.

4. Pages

Facebook was smart to embrace businesses and public personalities by rolling out fan pages. Doing so has resulted in an ecosystem that feels as real and complete as the offline world.

3. Groups

Facebook Groups is another thing that Facebook got right. This is their answer to the web forums of yesterday. Except, with Facebook groups everything and everyone that you need is already at your fingertips.

2. Reach

Even during Facebook is earliest stages, the social networking behemoth was already known for its ability to connect long lost friends, elementary school classmates or college friends (credit robert). Today, with an estimated one billion users you are probably more likely to find a childhood friend on Facebook than you are to find them in the phone book. Imagine that!

1. Integration

When was the last time you visited your favorite blog or news media site and did not see an option to leave a comment using your Facebook profile? This is one of the most important aspects of Facebook the way they integrate with websites and encourage interaction.

As weave just seen, the number of social networking sites in existence today is nearly infinite. Yet, to date not even the top 10 best social sites can come close to the reach or functionality that Facebook offers its users. That’s why when most people talk about their social networking activities what they are really telling you about is what they do on Facebook.