Top 10 Most Notable Scientists Of All Time

Science is responsible for some of the most significant developments in history. Indeed, many of the most notable strides in civilization would never have been possible were it not for the work of the greatest scientists that the world has ever known. In many cases, the most notable contributions of these early scientists are still being utilized to this day.

Interestingly enough, many of who we now consider the top 10 scientists in the world didn’t start out so highly-regarded. In fact, the story of the unappreciated scientist toiling away in solitary in his laboratory is so common so as to render the image clichéd. Nevertheless, it is true that some of the world’s most brilliant scientific minds were only appreciated long after they have left this world. Life was even unkinder for many of the greatest scientists of the Middle Ages, who were in fact persecuted for their radical and innovative ideas.

In any case, scientists are generally more respected nowadays, and we can now view the ancient greats for what they are and what they stood for. Here, we present a list of the top 10 scientists in the world who have made indelible marks in history, and whose contributions will be remembered for many more generations to come.

10) Aristotle

As a Greek scientist, Aristotle was credited for his many researches in the fields of physics, botany, zoology, chemistry, astronomy, meteorology, and geometry. He definitely was the greatest thinker of his generation. Aristotle lived between 384 BC to 322 BC.

9) Marie Curie

A Polish chemist and physicist, Marie Curie must be one of the first women who made a big name in the field of science. She won Nobel Peace Prizes for her researches related to radioactivity. Incidentally, her husband and two children were Nobel Prize winners as well.

8) Nikola Tesla

If it weren’t for Tesla, electricity wouldn’t have been discovered. Tesla pioneered AC current and electromagnetism. He was also credited for his many works regarding radio transmission.

7) Charles Darwin

Known for his Theory of Evolution, Charles Darwin was a true follower of science. Darwin was an English scientist whose venture into the Galapagos Island spelled the huge difference in his research.

6) Alfred Nobel

It was Alfred Nobel who started the Nobel Peace Prize, a recognition for people who had made a huge contribution in science. Alfred Nobel was an inventor, innovator, and engineer. He was mostly credited for his discovery of the atomic bomb.

5) Galileo

Another think tank of the olden times, Galileo was known for his very popular invention, the telescope. But more than that, he also studied a lot about the earth and its relation to the sun. He was the father of kinetics and had mastered the strength of materials.

4) Leonardo da Vinci

Although he was mostly referred to as the Italian artist, Da Vinci was also a mathematician, inventor, engineer, anatomist, and botanist. He conceptualized many things, with many of them way ahead of his time. He had ideas and blue prints of helicopters, solar power system, calculators, and tanks. He also created an outline of the Theory of Plate Tectonics.

3) Louis Pasteur

Medicine has grown to what it has become today because of this man. Louis Pasteur perfected the process of pasteurization, a method of making milk a lot safer for humans to drink. He also contributed greatly into the quest for the ultimate cure for anthrax and rabies, along with many other infectious diseases.

2) Albert Einstein

Einstein became the father of modern physics because of his Theory of Relativity. He discovered the Photoelectric Effect and formulated the Quantum Theory.

1) Sir Isaac Newton

If Einstein was the father of modern physics, Sir Isaac Newton was his predecessor. Newton was the most influential scientist of all time. He formulated the Laws of Motion and had laid the groundwork for the study of mechanics. He was an English scientist who was also a mathematician, physicist, philosopher, theologian, and alchemist.

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  1. Thank you for remembering these great Scientists! But Alfred Nobel didn’t invent the Atomic Bomb. His famous invention was the Dynamite.

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