Big City Big Life | Top 10 Most Expensive Cities To Live In

Who cares for cost of living index once you’ve decided to live your life big!. Cost of living by city can be determined by real estate rentals / housing rentals and other economic factors. Let us walk you through cities which make it to our list of top 10 most expensive cities to live in.

“The best things in life are free”, as the saying goes, but that definitely doesn’t apply to these cities! Some of the most beautiful and enchanting locations the world has ever known, these are the top ten most expensive cities in the world to live in.

Most Expensive Cities To Live In
Most Expensive Cities To Live In

10. Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva boasts of striking natural attractions and impressive architecture. Every year, thousands of tourists come through the city to enjoy its many gifts. With high-ticket shops, luxurious homes, and even more luxurious hotels, the city is a captivating destination for those who can afford it.

9. Caracas, Venezuela

As far as sheer natural beauty goes, Caracas is pretty hard to beat. With all the exotic treasures that a world-class Caribbean destination can offer, Caracas also boasts of some of the most impressive cityscapes in the world. A hugely popular tourist destination, Caracas is one of the most luxurious places for a Caribbean vacation.

8. Paris, France

There is little about Paris that hasn’t been said already. Gorgeous cityscapes, luxurious hotels and restaurants, and loads of cultures, Paris is truly a special place that deserves all the acclaim that it gets. It is also a very expensive city for tourists as well as residents, although the cost is definitely worth it.

7. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich residents have it great in that they can enjoy a high income in what is probably one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Unfortunately, this translates into a high cost of living as well. With its wealth of attractions and vibrant property market, Zurich is an expensive city that delivers on all fronts.

6. Singapore, Southeast Asia

Singapore has a strong economy bolstered by numerous active businesses and industrial interests. It is also one of the most visited countries in the region, which further boosts its appeal. Despite the high cost of living in Singapore, its crime-free and forward looking lifestyle makes it one of the most appealing destinations in Asia.

5. Melbourne, Australia

One of the most highly-regarded destinations on its corner of the world, Melbourne is a city that offers everything to the adventurous–and moneyed–traveler. With favorable climate all year round, some of the most exciting sporting events in the world, and all the amenities that modern living has to offer, Melbourne is a destination best enjoyed with a healthy wad of cash.

4. Oslo, Norway

Few places in the world can offer the same combination of sophisticated urban living with sheer natural beauty that seems to come so easily to Oslo. Steeped in tradition and brimming with culture, Oslo also boasts of some of the most luxurious establishments known to the civilized world.

3. Sydney, Australia

From leisure and sporting activities to tourism and culture, Sydney has it all. A vibrant and contemporary city that can measure up to the most highly-regarded cities in the world, Sydney is a great place to visit and even live in if you can afford to pay the price for such luxury.

2. Osaka, Japan

If you want to get a feel for Japan that you simply can’t get in any other city, Osaka is the place to be. Offering all the modern amenities that you could get in the world’s foremost destinations, Osaka nevertheless boasts of a rich and vibrant culture that makes for a luxurious location well worth visiting.

1. Tokyo, Japan

At the top of the list is Tokyo, and everything you have heard about it is true. Offering numerous world-class attractions and some of the most elegant settings available anywhere, Tokyo is a luxury destination that delivers on all fronts.