Best of Top 10 Largest Electronic Companies in the World and Their Revenues

Technology has always helped move mankind one step ahead. Since the introduction of mainframe computers and telecommunication devices, a lot has changed, consequently impacting the way people are living lives these days. Few technology innovators who we now know as large enterprises and companies have caused such an impact. Here’s a list of top 10 largest technology companies in the world and their revenue.

With the ever growing popularity of telecommunication and electronic devices, new companies are always appearing but these would seem to be here to stay. Although other electronic companies may seem bigger than these, they are also involved in the mechanical and engineering sectors. This is a list of the top 10 largest electronic companies in the world; their revenues shown are in millions:


Nokia– Finland


Revenue: $53,573

Founded: 1871

Employees: 97,798

Most people might not know but Nokia is actually a small town based in Finland. But this does not mean that the Nokia Company we know of is also based in Nokia, Finland. The company Nokia currently has its headquarters based out of Espoo. Nokia was the largest vendor of Mobile Phones from 1998 – 2012 but with the introduction of touchscreen smartphones, mainly the Apple iPhone; it has now dropped to 10th position as of July 2013.


Intel –USA


Revenue: $53,999.

Founded: 1968

Employees: 104,700

With head office based out of Santa Carla, Intel appears to be the largest and most popular computer chip manufacturer. The company was founded by 2 good friends and renowned semi-conductor pioneer; Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce. Although Intel produced its first microprocessor chip in 1971, it was not until the popularity of PCs in 1981 that the company really started to grow big. Having introduced its 3rd generation, Tri-Gate transistor in 2012, it is now ready to introduce its 4th generation Intel Core Processor.


Fujitsu– Japan


Revenue: $56,582

Founded: 1935

Employees: 173,155

Being the world’s 3rd largest IT provider in terms of services and products, Fujitsu is a Japanese based technology company with its headquarters in Tokyo. As of now, their operations including products and services expand to over a 100 countries across the globe. Although primarily dealing with personal computer products, it does also have interests in microelectronic and telecommunication products.


Dell – USA


Revenue: $62,071

Founded: 1984

Employees: 108,800

While most American technology companies having their base setup in California, the privately held world’s leading hardware manufacturer Dell has its headquarters based out of Round Rock, Texas. Although Dell has always been known for its computer sales especially its ‘made to order’ capability, since its acquisition of Perot Systems it is now able to offer businesses complete IT packages.




Revenue: $82,237

Founded: 1946

Employees: 146,300

Sony Corporation also known as Sony is the parent company for the Sony Group that deals with Motion Pictures and Games as well as electronic products but remains the world’s third largest supplier of televisions. The Corporation primarily deals with both hardware and software services including most popular ones such as Play Station gaming console, MP3 players, laptops, Cyber Shot cameras and much more.




Revenue: $106,916

Founded: 1911

Employees: 434,246

IBM, also known as International Business Machine Corporation is a leading enterprise technology hardware and solution provider. Although at No.5 on this list, it was ranked No.1 ‘Green Company” worldwide by Newsweek, it was No.2 ‘Best Global Brand’ by Interbrand and ‘Most Respected Company’ by Barron’s and also made No.5 as ‘Most Admired Company’ by Fortune. The company was initially founded in 1911 as CTR – Computing Tabulating Recording Company and later evolving as IBM.




Revenue: $108,249

Founded: 1976

Employees: 80,000

If not the number 1 largest company on our list of top 10 largest technology companies in the world, but it is for sure the most popular technology brand name among the consumer market. Apple maintains 406 retail stores in 14 countries and its on-line iTunes Store is the largest music retailer in the world. In 2013 Apple made, for the first time, the top 10 of the Fortune 500 companies, jumping 11 places to be No. 6.


Hon Hai Precision Industry –Taiwan

Hon Hai Precision Industry
Hon Hai Precision Industry

Revenue: $117,514

Founded: 1974

Employees: 1.23 million

Operating mainly under the name of Foxconn, it is a major manufacturer of goods for other companies, some major items it manufactures are; iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle, Play Station 3 and Wii U. Most of its manufacturing is done in China where it is the largest private sector employer.


Hewlett Packard–USA

Hewlett Packard
Hewlett Packard

Revenue: $127,245

Founded: 1939

Employees: 331,800

Still headquartered in Palo Alto where it started as a business in one garage, it has now become the largest PC manufacturer in the world although often fighting off Lenovo for the position. Though being involved in some controversies regarding personal data and confidential information being compromised, HP still continues to deliver the best hardware and software products for consumers while brining innovation in through technology.


Samsung Electronics–South Korea

Samsung Electronics
Samsung Electronics

Revenue: $148,944

Founded: 1988

Employees: 221,726

On top of our list of top 10 largest technology companies is Samsung Electronics. It’s not only the largest on our list, but is so large, that there is an entire town in Seoul named as Samsung town. Originally starting out as making components for other companies, it more recently became its own manufacturer of products and operating from 88 countries has become the world’s largest producer of both LCD Panels and Televisions.

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