Top 10 Countries with Most Facebook Users in 2014

In today’s era of modern communication it is impossible to live without media. And when it comes to social media the world seems to be racing fast forward. Social websites like facebook have become a necessity for life and anyone without an account is considered to be a caveman. Facebook can be used for different purposes like educational, recreational, business or merely social interaction. But whatever the reason is, people all around the world seem now connected through the medium of facebook.


All businessmen and varios companies now have their page on facebook to attract people. They take advantage of it to publicize as well as to determine upcoming trends of their fans so that they can come up with new business strategies. Therefore our one like means a lot!

With a total amount of 1.19 billion facebook users half of them are sure to be logged in on any given moment. 48% percent of total number is aged between 18-34 years. It is now impossible to ignore the importance of this network therefore calling for the next step which is to evaluate its penetration into our lives and to judge which parts of the world are influenced by it in what way. This has given rise to a new study of “facebook penetration”.

In the following report we have gathered some data about the top 10 countries with most facebook users in current year i.e. 2014. The age and gender most involved and the brands whose page is most liked and followed. This is to determine the economic trends as well as to determine the purpose facebook is used for. Here is a list of top 10 countries most prominent on Facebook:

10 Germany

Our countdown begins with Germany with around 22 million facebook users. It is estimated that every one out of three Germans use facebook. Out of these 22 million, 65-70% is above 18 years. Male and female users are in same ratio. The most popular brands are Amazon, Stylefruits and McDonalds.

9 France

The people of France seem to be in love with facebook as it holds the ninth position in our countdown with 25 million populations with an active facebook account, which is around 39% of total population. The brands most liked over here are Nutella, coca-cola, M&M’s, ferrero rocher. The people of France seem to crave sweets as much as facebook itself!

8 Philippines

Closely following France, we have Philippines with 29 million users, making it come on number 8. Statistics show that females are more socially active online as compared to men. The ratio of facebook users versus total population is 1:3, same as that of Germany. The most popular brand is Samsung.

7 Turkey

At number 7 we have Turkey with 32 million facebook users. 44% of total population of Turkey is now on facebook. The ratio of male and female users is almost the same, which seems to be a common trend in almost all countries.

6 United kingdom

Sharing their lives with each other, 35 million facebook users are from United Kingdom. This is almost half of the total population. It is not difficult to guess the most liked brand there, considering their French neighbors, as they also seem to have a sweet tooth. Other popular page is that of Amazon. Again male and female users are almost the same.

5 Mexico

On number 5 we have Mexico which has a facebook population of 38 million. The brands most followed corona, beer and coca-cola. This shows that drinks are an important part of Mexican individuals

4 Indonesia

Indonesia is a large and a densely populated country. In 2014 we see an immense growth in facebook use here. Around 48 million Indonesian people use this social network for different social and educational purposes. In Indonesia we see male are more inclined towards facebook as compared to their female counterparts. Top most brands here are blackberry, Samsung and Yamaha. So they seem to take technology pretty seriously.

3 Brazil

Though recently dethroned from the second position, 2014 has still proved to be promising for the relation of facebook and Brazil.  65 million out of total Brazilian population bring it to the third position of the “top 10 facebook user countries of 2014”. Majority users are middle aged and male and female members are almost the same.

2 India

Recently acquiring second position we have India, surpassing Brazil and showing immense growth in facebook users, we now have a grand total of 68 million. It is difficult to decide the number of fake accounts as there are believed to be many. India is the most densely populated country. In this South-asian country facebook seem to be clearly more dominant in the male population which is around 70%. The top most brands for this technology addicts are mostly various mobile and network related companies like Microsoft, Samsung and Aircel etc.

1 United States of America

So now it is not difficult to guess who could be on number 1! A total of 160 million facebook users belong to the States making it a prominent winner and the most facebook penetrated country of 2014. Here the females are slightly more involved than males. Especially a large amount of users are the young adults. Another interesting fact is that the top most brand is Wal-mart and then follows Target with Amazon. Americans seem to be shopping a lot!

It is not difficult to see an immense growth of facebook use in the Asian countries like India, Indonesia and Philippines. Here we see facebook more prominent for business purposes as the top brands are more technology related and male users are more. In south America and Europe we can also notice the rise in popularity. Their use of facebook seems to be recreational with food and drinks followed more than anything else. But no matter what America remains way on top of all of them creating a strong competition for others.