Top 10 Countries with the Highest Divorce Rates in 2014

From a very young age men and women are trained about the idea of getting married. All of us want to settle down with someone and have a family. At an early age, through the media and children’s fairy tales, we are taught the idea of living happily ever after. However, the reality can be different for majority of the married people. It won’t be wrong to say that divorce is a strong slap on our societies’ faces, it not only destroys lives of two people, but families. Divorce is still a serious problem in many countries of the world. Stats released every year propose that much is to be done to hold the gravitating problem of separation. But the concept of divorce was once a quiet topic and a scandal, these days we are able to call quits on a relationship that isn’t working. There can be different reasons for divorce, such as less mental compatibility, slight mutual interactions, no children etc. Whatever the reasons may be, divorce is still a taboo and unacceptable in some countries.

The stats show that certain countries have a much higher rate of divorce than other nations. The social and cultural background of each country, religions etc., are the key determining factors to varying divorce rates. While states such as Jamaica, Colombia and Mexico had moderately low divorce rates; some apparently conservative nations reported unexpectedly high levels of divorce. Following are ten countries of the world with the highest divorce rate. We have arranged a comprehensive study of these countries and the divorce ratio.

10. Canada:

Canada is an urbanized state, but there are many societal problems in the country. The people do not give time to their families because they are too busy in moving with the advancing world. This is the main reason of high rate of divorce in Canada, in addition to several other family problems. More and more life partners are rapidly asking for freedom even after promising each other to remain together forever. This strongly indicates that family bonding is weakening day by day even after the development in Canada. It is observed that there was a 50% increase in the divorce rate in Canada during this year from 2013.

9. India:

Although India is a nation of rich traditional and religious standards, it still has a disturbing rate of divorces. The lives of the people of India are miserable and backward. Lesser amount of job opportunities and low level of education among these people are the reasons of divorces. Men do not earn enough to support their families and therefore leave their wives. There are approximately 2100 cases of divorce in India annually.

8. South Korea:

During the year 2014, the rate of divorce has increased three times as compared to 2013. The main reason of this problem is less mutual understanding and no time for each other, which leads to separation.

7. Russia:

Russia is a developed and economically strong nation; still it faces many internal issues like crime and divorce. And this is the reason why the divorce rate in Russia, during this year, has increased 65.4 % that is very alarming.

6. Ukraine:

Ukraine is a male dominating society, women are considered as inferior personalities and this is the main reason for a higher divorce rate in this country. The rising male domination in the society is forcing women to take freedom from their life partners. More and more women are filing divorce petitions against their partners and also encouraging other women who are facing oppression from their men to get freedom too. So, the divorce cases have increased over 43.5% compared to those in the year 2013.

5. Italy:

Italians have tough and hectic lives; all the men and women in the country are living a professional life and do various types of jobs. They don’t spend much time with each other and to the children; therefore the main reason behind divorces is the lack of affection. The divorce rate in Italy has almost doubled during the past two to three years.

4. South Africa:

South Africa is also facing the problem of divorce. Most African societies are strongly against divorce whenever a marriage takes place but due to professional reasons there is an increase in the divorce rate every year. The current divorce rate in South Africa is 61.2 % which was about 34.5% in 2013.

3. Aruba:

In Aruba divorce is a common habit of the people of villages. They live poor lives and less earning opportunities force them to kill their families or get divorced. The men murder their wives and daughters because they don’t have anything for them to eat. This is certainly, a very dreadful and shocking thing but still it is a sad reality. Also, in Aruba the males are very dominating and don’t care much about their wives, this is another reason of higher divorce rate in the country, which according to the current stat has increased by a gigantic 81%.

2. United Kingdom:

The family values in the United Kingdom are weakening day by day. The people here are broad-minded and don’t give much attention and time to their families. Also, Married couples have extra marital affairs, which leads to divorce. In different cities of UK, the divorce rate has already stood at about 53 % from what it was in 2013.

1. United States of America:

USA is a country with people from different cultural backgrounds. However the divorce rate in the country is quite alarming. In order to meet the challenges of tomorrow the citizens have to live really tough lives with lots of work, which give them no time for the families. Thus, USA has the highest rate of divorce rate in the world, which has increased five times during this year as compared to the previous year. It is depressing to imagine how a country with multicultural interactions is failing in maintaining marriage that indicates weakening family ties.

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