Top 10 best kept secrets of the world

We leave in a world surrounded by mysteries and secretes. Secrets are supposed to be bounded by the privacy law. A secret only remains so if it stays untold. Once shared, it automatically ceases to be a secret and becomes sheer gossip. There are a number of top secrets of the world which for many decades have remained untold. Most of the secrets are kept in order to prevent the population from knowing about them hence misusing the same. A common saying related to secrets is that a secret can only be kept between two people if one of them is dead. This is because in one way or the other, most of the world’s best kept secrets have a way of finding themselves out of the closet. Here is a compiled list of the greatest secrets of the world which have never been publicly shared.

Coca Cola

10) Coca Cola secret formula

For decades people have been trying to discern the secret formula used in the manufacturing of the world’s number one soft drink. So far it still remains a mystery. An individual can get the basics in place but that is probably it. The only known fact about the process is that at some point, the cocoa plant is used as an ingredient. So far, no company has been able to legally duplicate the brand.

9) The Central Intelligence Agency

No one can ever take anything away from the efficiency of the CIA. The group is closely guarded to allow it to work with utmost efficiency. The CIA only deals with crime cases that need close guarded investigation or issues related to secret movements. As an intelligent group, CIA agents help deal with matters of national security.

8) Information related to a bank account

Bank account information is usually kept as a secret between the bank and the account holder. Leaking out such information can cause unprecedented losses for both parties. All established banks are known to keep some of the greatest secrets including the many account details, individual passwords together with the lockers they manage.

7) Medical records

Protected by the doctor-patient rule, an individual’s medical history record is strictly kept as an affair between the medical facility and the patient. In the wrong public hands, such vital information can be used to incriminate an individual or used for other purposes.

6) Nuclear preparations

For protection purposes, a nation’s defense or the army has to have secrets of their own. Disclosure of information relating to what weapons is used and the kinds of weapon designs can turn out to be very disastrous to any nation.

5) Military Troops location

Whenever troops are assigned an assignment, their locations are barely made a public affair for reasons best known to many. This way, the enemies can remain clueless and wait for the surprise attack.

4) The Judiciary

In any court proceeding, prior to the official judgement, a judge is required to be very cautious about making any revelations relating to the case. Since the issue is very sensitive, the judges are given an ample time to make their decisions. To avoid cheating, a judge’s remarks are kept as confidential as possible.

3) Oil fields

Most of the government in many countries own land with oil fields but fail to disclose these facts to the public in fear of rich men circumventing the deal.

2) The location of the Lena Blackburne’s Baseball magic rubbing mud

Despite the fact every year about 500 pounds of the magic rubbing mud is shipped to each team in the MLB, apart from just two people, no one else actually knows the location where the mud is extracted. It is believed to be somewhere in the tributary of the Delaware River near New Jersey.

1) Kentucky Fried Chicken 11 herbs and spices

This is quite similar to the Coke secret formula. Only two of its top executives know about the herbs and spices used to make this fan favourite delicacy. They use multiple location make it, then ship to a more central location to be combined before shipping out.