Most Recommended 10 Don’ts for Women Hair Make Over

Women are perhaps a little vain when it comes to their looks and so spend a lot of time and effort on their hairstyles. Is always paying attention to their hair always a good thing though?

Too much attention may not always be a good thing and so here are 10 common hair mistakes every woman makes:


10. Too Much Heat

With all the equipment available for the home these days, such as blow dryers, curling irons and tools developed to straighten hair, a woman now has a daily choice as to whether she has curly hair or not. These tools though, place the hair in a position where it receives too much heat treatment.

9. Wearing a Pony Tail

There is nothing wrong with wearing a pony tail but if it is done in the same style too often, it can lead to gradual damage to the hairline and can cause hair breakage.

8. Hair Products

As well as the regular shampoo and conditioners, many women also apply two or more other products to their hair. Excessive amounts of these other products can lead to hair damage.

7. Haircuts

For those women who love long hair, they should realize that haircuts are a regular necessity for the health of the hair and reducing split ends.

6. Hair Shampoo

Washing your hair with shampoo too regularly can cause the body to stop producing natural hair oils. The ideal timing for the use of shampoos is every other day, not daily.

5. Hair Dying

Probably due to expenses, women are now more and more often turning to dying their hair at home. Although this certainly is less expensive, women are more likely to mess up their hair by a wrong mixture. This is why it is better to go to a professional hair dresser when seeking to change your hair color.

4. After Bath Care

It is perhaps a habit to dry your hair after having taken a bath but too much rubbing of the hair with a towel can lead to frizz and other hair damage.

3. Too Much Brushing

Perhaps due to the old wives tale that one hundred, hundred brushes of the hair will make it shiny and healthy. The truth is that too much brushing can result in damaged hair.

2. DIY

Cutting your own hair is not usually a good idea. Although the number of people trying to cut their own hair has increased, most of these people will resort to seeing a professional to finish the job. It is always safer to go to a professional in order to have your haircut.

1. Changing Styles

Hairstyles are changing all the time and many women like to always have the latest style. Not all hairstyles suit everybody though; they often depend on the shape of the face and other features. It is therefore best to learn, by asking others if necessary, which styles suit you and do not waste time and effort on some of the latest styles if they are not suitable for you.