Top 10 World End Theories

So much for December 2012 and all the rumors, Mayan or otherwise, that the Earth was due for certain destruction.

Now though, that that supposed fatal time has come and gone and we are still able to write and read about such things, what fears still remain about the demise of our beloved planet?

Here then are ten of the most feared ways that by which the earth may soon come to an end, but when?

01: Collision of an Asteroid


Collision of an Asteroid – This has been the favorite of people for a long time and one that even scientists believe will eventually occur. However scientists deal in tens of millions of years and although they say that one is inevitable, they can’t say when.

02: Floods


Floods – A flood of biblical proportions is envisaged by many. This they fear can come about because of global warming. As the frozen ends of the earth melt, the rising waters will drown our major cities and most of man kind with it.

03: Invasion by Aliens


Invasion by Aliens – I suppose that this is possible at any time but why is it immediately thought that the arrival of aliens will mean our destruction? The mere word alien indicates different from us and so maybe they do not possess our seemingly reckless destruction of living things.

04: Gamma Ray Bursts


Gamma Ray Bursts – One of these does have the potential to destroy our planet but scientists don’t think that even one Gamma Ray burst has ever occurred in our Galaxy and so why now?

05: Solar Flare


Solar Flare – This too, is also a potential planet killer but although scientists believe one is possible, they also believe it would probably only be big enough to take out our technology. Has this already happened once before in Earths ancient past?

06: Nuclear War


Nuclear War – Some say, that in this world of a growing number of conflicts the possibility is coming closer. This has been a possibility since day one of nuclear discovery and already there are enough nuclear weapons in existence to destroy the planet several times over. This one at least, seems to be in our own hands.

07: Earth Spinning Off its Axis


Earth Spinning Off its Axis – It is because of, and how earth spins on its axis, that we exist and if this axis were to change, then earth could be in trouble. Unfortunately it is possible for this to occur: A major earthquake or a gigantic volcano could, theoretically, trigger this occurrence.

08: Super Volcano


Super Volcano – It is estimated that Mount Toba, a super volcano, erupted 74,000 years ago and plunged the planet into an Ice Age that lasted for 1,000 years. Although there are 40 such volcanoes that once existed, that have now become extinct, there is still one active one in Yellowstone Park. Could a new Ice Age lead to our extinction?

09: Reversal of the Poles

Reversal of the Poles – This has happened in our past and scientists say that it will again likely happen at some time in our future. The question is again when? Also, although it would certainly have a great affect on all of us, would it in fact be capable of totally destroying mankind?

10: Biblical Prophecy

Biblical Prophecy – If you wish to believe the prophecy of the Bible, then remember the question still is when. If the earth’s destruction is to be by the hand of God, then he has any of the above tools to work with.