Top 10 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is an Abc Family hit series which has a huge following and is highly rated. The highly addictive cable television show is adapted from Sara Shepard’s popular Pretty little liars books. The cast is of young adults including; Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale.
Pretty little liars season 4 is the series’ latest production that is currently airing. Here are ten reasons why you can’t miss Pretty Little Liars.


10) Creepy and suspenseful

Pretty Little Liars is a very intriguing series that will keep you glued onto your screen wanting more. It all started when one of the dies and the others start receiving death threats via text messages. The suspense continues even in their fourth season. This could explain why the series has a huge following and is highly amongst other Abc Family productions.

9) Setting for the show

The show takes the settings of the little town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania. The series is filmed in a captivating manner that will make you appreciate nature and the feel of the town. The show captures the trees and displays their autumn colors and also showcases the shops and grilles. From the show, you get a feeling that Rosewood is pretty place to live at but also quite dangerous.

8) Ezra Fitz

Get to know whether Ezra Fits real identity. He makes a comeback in Pretty little liars season 4 in the Halloween episode. Get to know whether he belongs to the A Team as revealed to the audience at the end of the summer season four finale.

7) Caleb and Paige’s loyalty

Learn one or two things from the most dependable boyfriend and girlfriend on the series. These two characters seem to have it all together despite series’ title; Pretty Little Liars. Find out if they can truly hold it together till the end.

6) A’s Lair

Find out all the mystery behind A and slowly get to unravel his/her identity. Get fascinated by how the black hooded figure gets to plot its next evil plan.

5) Psycho characters

The casting of the show is superb. Everything about the show is in line to its plot line Pretty Little Liars. Be wowed by Meredith character which has bewildered most people. She comes out as a frightening but entertaining character.

4) Clothes/Costume

If you appreciate trendy things, then Pretty Little Liars will give you more reasons to be fashionable. Despite being hounded by the blackmailer, the ladies always turn up and manage to look cute and fashionable.

3) Reference on classic thrillers

The producers of the show have adapted this approach and they try as much as they can to bring back memories of the convention genres that were fan favourites in the past. To put a twist into this, they try to refresh them.

2) Spencer Hastings

Do you fancy films about Sherlock Holmes? Pretty Little Liars is certainly one of them. The most interesting thing about this is that Spencer Hasting the Sherlock Holmes is female.

1) You score points with your girlfriend

Showing her that you are quite interested in one of her favourite shows or fictional characters in the show will have a massive impact wooing her.