Top 10 Oldest Countries in the World

The knowledge of the history of the ancient world, tells us of the oldest civilizations that existed and through witnessing some of the oldest architectures, we can establish where they lived but not always did these civilizations live in countries that we know still exist today. There are some countries though, that were established, so far, with unending civilizations and this is a list of those top 10 oldest countries in the world and the date that the country is believed to have been established.


Turkey 900 AD


This country was established on the sight of the Trojan War by the Seljug dynasty of Turks as they migrated and later became the birth place of the Ottoman Empire.

Japan 660 AD


The Japanese nation is said to have been started by its first Emperor, Jimmu. The country is rich in history and perhaps the best place to witness some of that history is at Himeji Castle.

Bulgaria 632 AD


The first Bulgarian Empire was established with Pliska as its capital by Asparukh. Some of its historical sites include the Rila monastery and the kazanuk Tomb. It has more recently been linked with the invention of the first electrical computer.

France 486 AD


There are many historical sites in this country which has had such an influence on the rest of Europe. It was first established by a unification made by Clovis the first king of France.

San Marino 301 AD

San Marino
San Marino

This city state may be one of the smallest countries in the world but does not mean that it is not also one of the oldest. It was established by saint Marinus who settled there to avoid persecution. Some of history can be witnessed by looking at the old Walls of San Marino.

Iran 625 – 559 BC


This country that would later become the birth place of the Persian Empire was started by the unification of the local tribes by Medes. Some historical sites are Qom and Persepolis.

China 2,100 – 1,600 BC


It is believed that the Xia Dynasty was the first in China as there is no evidence of an earlier one. Some of this country’s history can be seen by a visit to The Great Wall of China or The Forbidden City.

Ethiopia 2,500 – 3,000 BC


This country is famous for its wilderness but evidence shows from ancient Egyptian texts, that it was one of its biggest trading partners and actually names the country.

India 3,000 BC


This country was established by a civilization that started in the Indus valley and has since expanded to be today, the seventh biggest by area and the second biggest by population. In its history, India has given the world calculus and other mathematical formulae.

Egypt 3,150 – 3,500 BC


King Menes started this country and also started a reign of pharaohs that ruled the country for over 3 thousand years. The great Pyramids and the Sphinx remain as testament to this country’s ancient history.

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  1. I think every body who reads historical books knows that iran is the oldest country in the world with more than 7000 BC history and cultue with a powerfull kings and very big country i think so you have to research more about your information.

  2. These things may make a fight between majors so please search carefully, first empire of iran isnt medes we have caspian,lolobian, ilamian, and so other empires before medes. the first country was in Anshan but scientists didnt find an appropriate name for their country. anshan is for about 4900-5200 bc and iran is the first country.
    please search carefully about these important things

    1. Most ancient country is India, its epic Rigveda is written more than 6000 years back…there should be research before posting anything.

  3. Oldest civilization, Oldest founded FLAG, Oldest LAW, Oldest and Biggest Empire (Include %44 crowd of earth) from Egypt to India, Oldest insurance System, Oldest Water Networks and Dams and Pipes, Oldest and Oldest IS IN “IRAN” = “GREAT PERSIA”
    Please don’t write FALSE. Write Truth if you don’t have any Enmity.

  4. indians cicilized the world….most of maths like calculas. trignometry .value of pi ..invention of zero and firstly study on pythagoras th happened in india …i think india is oldest…..i think

  5. Iran is the oldest country ! Do u know why? Because the history of Iran started at 7000 years ago. Have u heared about king cyrus ? King of Iran / Hakhamanesh.

  6. Based on historical facts and archaeological findings, Iran is the oldest country with 7000 years of documented civilization.

  7. India is older than iran?!!!!!come on.
    India was part of iran in history.
    You can search and you will undrestand

  8. Why is Turkey on the top 10 list? Turkey is not an old country! Whoever made this list lacks of knowing historical facts.

  9. 1. Iran is probably the oldest country in the world. In 3600 BC, it was an established country. The name of some ancient Persian kings (like “Gashtasp”) is written in Shahname (although Shahname isn’t a history book, but some of these names are accurate).
    2. The picture shown here for Iran is actually the statue of Hercules built by Greeks when they occupied Iran. This is not a symbol of Iran (By the way, the statue is naked! As far as I know, Persians never made naked statues). Bistun inscription or Persepolis are better symbols of Iran.

  10. One of the oldest civilise country is Armenia. The first chrischan country (301).
    Capital Yerevan (Erebune) 29 years older than Rom.
    Turks has done genocide 1915 kiling more than half population and owned big part of land Armenia.
    Xenophon and Herodotus have quite a lot information about Armenia.

  11. This is a mistake. There are documents dating back to 10,000 BC dating from Iran’s civilization

  12. you mentioned Ethiopia as a wilderness country, come and see then it will be fair for u to say anything about my country. for the record don’t relate Ethiopia’s history with Egypt.

  13. wow, This is a completely wrong list!! Iran is the oldest country in the world isn’t it?!

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