Top 10 Frank Thomas Stats for his career

Frank Thomas born as Frank Edward Thomas, Jr. was born on the 27th of May 1968. After a lucrative baseball career, ”The Big Hurt” retired from professional baseball in February 2010. Thomas made a name for himself in the 1990s with his menacing home run power. Frank Thomas stats were outstanding though out his career and could explain why he was honoured for his performances on so many occasions. After achieving a lot of success in the game, Frank Thomas Hall of Fame induction came in 2014.

Frank Thomas
Frank Thomas

Throughout his career, Frank Thomas played for three different teams including; Chicago White Sox, Oakland Athletics, and Toronto Blue Jays. He went back to Oakland Athletics in 2008 where he ended his career.
It is Frank Thomas steroids stand that makes him stand tall. He was totally against it and even asked for the introduction of steroid testing into the sport. For a number of seasons, Thomas came in second best to people who were using steroid.
For a clear view of Frank Thomas stats, we’ll analyze some of his career best performances based on his home runs (HR), Win Probability Added (WPA) and runs batted in (HBI). In summary, Frank Thomas career looked as such; Batting average (.301), Hits (2,468), Home runs (521) and Runs batted in (1,704). Here are some of his stats.

10) White Sox vs. Royals

The game which was played on the 16th of June 1991 was one of his top performances. He had the following stats during that game; HR, 5 RBI and .459 WPA. During the game, he made three-run hit in the fifth which significantly increased Sox’s chances of winning the game.

9) White Sox vs. Twins

The game was played on October 1st, 1995 and with the help of Frank Thomas, the White Sox emerged the winners. His stats for the game were; HR, RBI, and .486 WPA.

8) White Sox vs. Indiana

This was one of Thomas’s best performances. The game was played on the 7th of September, 2003. In the game, the White Sox were trailing 3-2 in the 7th and it was Thomas’s HR, 3 RBI and .495 WPA performance that brought them back into the game.

7) White Sox vs. Royals

Played on September 19, 2003, the game saw Frank Thomas having the following stats; 3 RBI, and .501 WPA. In the third, Thomas made a double two run to give White Sox the lead.

6) White Sox vs. Rangers

In a game that was played on August 19, 1992, Thomas performance was simply a beauty to watch. His stats for the game were as follows; 2 RBI and .508 WPA.

5) White Sox vs. Padres

The White Sox emerged the winners (6-5). It was played on 14th June 2003. Thomas was very influential gunning HR, 2 RBI, and .522 WPA.

4) White Sox vs. Diamondbacks

The game was played on 5th June 2003. Thomas had a great impact in this game making a 10th inning RBI double that broke a 2-2 tie. His stats for the game were as follows; HR, 2 RBI and .571 WPA.

3) White Sox vs. Twins

It was played on the 2nd of July, 2003. In this game Frank Thomas managed 2 HR, 4 RBI and .596 WPA. The performance made White Sox winners with a (8-6) score line.

2) White Sox vs. Orioles

The tie which was played on May 8, 1992 ended up with a score line of (4-3) in favour of White Sox. His stats for the game were; 2 HR, 3 RBI and .619 WPA.

1) White Sox vs. Indiana

His best stats came in this game that was played on July 27, 1993. It was probably the best game of his career. Frank Thomas stats for the game were as follows; 2 HR, 5 RBI and .699 WPA.

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