10 Camouflage Tips for Women to Look Smart

Many of us would like to look slimmer than we are, especially for that special event or occasion. Although these tips are intended for women, some can equally apply to men. These top 10 tips will not make you lose weight, just give the impression that you have lost up to perhaps 5 pounds which can make all the difference to how you look.

Here are perhaps the top 10 fashion tips for ladies to look thinner:

10. Wear Black

Although wearing black is a great way to look thinner, many don’t like the idea because it perhaps looks morbid but brightened up by a colorful scarf or dashing jewelry it can still give a fun look.

9. Correct Color Shoes

By wearing shoes that blend with whatever you are wearing on your bottom half, gives an elongated look, not ‘bracketing’ your legs. So wear black shoes with black pants or if you have bare legs then wear tan colored shoes; do not wear red pumps with blue jeans.

8. Sleeves and Straps

The most flattering are probably elbow length sleeves however if the sleeves come down to the wrist, ensure that they are not too tight. Straps on tops should be loose enough that fat does not bulge over them.

7. Add Color to Pale Legs

Dark or tanned legs look thinner than white or pale ones and so if you are going to wear skirts or shorts, consider tanning or bronzing them. Because of the odor, it is recommended to apply the bronzer at night and rinse it off in the mornings.

6. Wearing Denim

If you are going to wear jeans, then the darker the better and they should be long enough; to the floor. If the jeans come up to far at the waist, they give the look of a long behind. Jeans should have pockets at the back and should not have pleats at the front.

5. No Embellishments

Ribbons, bows or jewelry attached to your clothing give it a bulky look that you should avoid. Classic, plain, solid fabrics present a thinner look.

4. High Heels

Although regularly wearing high heels can be bad for both your back and your posture, occasionally for that thinner look, they could be considered. A 3 or 4 inch heel can make a big difference but should be paired with a pair of pants that are long enough to allow the impression that it is your legs that are longer.

3. Layer Clothing

A single top can show every bulge and so consider wearing a cardigan or blouse over a tank top and always ensure that your midriff will be covered if reaching for something. A long opaque tank top can be worn underneath clothing for a similar effect.

2. Dark and Light

Dark colors subtract weight, whilst light colors add weight therefore as most people have a heavier bottom half, wear dark on the bottom half and light on the top, balancing the overall look.

1. Wear Clothes that Fit

Small clothing makes flesh bulge whilst large sizes give the impression you are hiding something. Wearing the correct size is essential to a good look.