10 Proven Best Sporting Nations | Countries With Most Olympic Medals and Records

Olympics has always been the most prestigious event in the sporting history. Originated from Greece, it is now a global sporting event in which over 200 nations participate. Just to be clear before we list our top 10 countries with most olympic gold medals, these lists include both summer olympics and winter olympics. Have a look at the top 10 table of countries with the most medals in gold till May 2013.


10. Russia

  • Total Gold in Summers: 133
  • Total Gold in Winters: 169
  • Combined Total Medals: 488

Regardless of the terrorist accusations and other international sanctions, Russia has been playing and participating in olympics with all spirits and has won 488 medals in total since the time it first appeared in Olympics.

9. China

  • Total Gold in Summers: 201
  • Total Gold in Winters: 210
  • Combined Total Medals: 517

One of the largest country by population standards, China has proven to be solid at the medal’s table when it comes to Olympics. Although they have a low count for aggregate medals, but they stand second for total gold medals count.

8. East Germany

  • Total Gold in Summers: 153
  • Total Gold in Winters: 192
  • Combined Total Medals: 519

East Germany has a thing for bronze and silver. They do have a decent aggregate medal count but have been lacking to get on the winning podium and that too, at the top.

7. Sweden

  • Total Gold in Summers: 143
  • Total Gold in Winters: 191
  • Combined Total Medals: 612

A relatively small country in size and population, but has proven to be active and aggressive in sports. Their olympic medal records show they participate with complete zeal and spirit.

6. Italy

  • Total Gold in Summers: 198
  • Total Gold in Winters: 235
  • Combined Total Medals: 655

More famous for cars, food and fashion, Italy is also running the race for most gold medals in the Olympics.

5. Germany

  • Total Gold in Summers: 174
  • Total Gold in Winters: 224
  • Combined Total Medals: 763

Ok so, first we had East Germany, now we talk about West Germany. Mostly known as an athlete nation by nature, Germany has been marking her ground in Olympics on various occasions.

4. France

  • Total Gold in Summers: 202
  • Total Gold in Winters:229
  • Combined Total Medals: 765

Although their participation at the 1904 Olympic games is questionable, yet it had the chance to host the Olympics twice. And looking at the medals table, it has also secured a decent count of medals.

3. Great Britain

  • Total Gold in Summers: 236
  • Total Gold in Winters: 245
  • Combined Total Medals: 802

It is one of the only three states to complete the all summer olympic games. Great Britain when represents itself at Olympics, it represents  England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

2. Soviet Union

  • Total Gold in Summers: 395
  • Total Gold in Winters: 473
  • Combined Total Medals: 1204

Soviet Union is currently ranked second at the overall medals table for Olympics. It has won 1204 medals in total for now and is on a continuos run for winning more.

1. United States of America

  • Total Gold in Summers: 976
  • Total Gold in Winters: 1063
  • Combined Total Medals: 2653

It is the only nation that exhibits talent and the love for sports in most professional manner along with a passion for victory. United States stands at the top of our Olympic’s medals table.