Top 10 Countries with Female Soldiers

In days long gone by, some women have played major roles in conflicts, such as Boadicea who led a resistance against Roman rule in England and in the 1st century AD, the Vietnamese Trung sisters led an all female army against the Chinese. There was of course, St. Joan of Arc who led the French against the English whilst only 17 and Septima Zenobia who was a scourge to Rome as the leader of Syria from 250AD to 275 AD. Considering these facts, it may seem strange that it has only been relatively recently, that modern armies have considered placing women in their armed forces. Today though, that has changed and some countries enlist females to their militaries, among those of note are these top 10 countries with female soldiers.



Muhammar Gadaffi recruited an elite team of females called the Amazonian Guard as his personal guard in the 1980s. These female specialists were experts in firearms and unarmed combat and one of them, in 1988, was killed whilst shielding this former President.


Females have been allowed in the Canadian military since 1885 but although they received paramilitary training, in case of home defense, they were restricted to medical duties until, the 1980s, when they were invited to join any branch and in 2000, the integration was complete with females even being able to work in submarines.


Although Poland only officially accepted female recruits 1988, 50,000 females had joined the resistance in WW 11 and 3,000 of those lost their lives in the 1944 Warsaw uprising.


The Lottorna was named after a heroine in the Johan Ludvig Runeberg poem and is the name for the Swedish Women is Voluntary defense Force that was formed in 1924. Currently 5 % of the Swedish military are women.

Sri Lanka

Although females had been allowed in the Sri Lankan military since 1979, it was only since the hostilities which started in 1987, that they have been allowed to take a combat role.


Females have been part of Israel is military since the founding of the state and this is the only country where military service by females is compulsory. Making up 33% of the armed forces, legislation in 2000, allowed women to fill 92% of all posts.


Although during WW 11 women served in the German forces, it has only just been reintroduced since then. In 2001 females were allowed in the German military and today they make up about 7% of the forces.


In Russia women have for a long time served next to the men in conflicts. WW 1 and WW 11 both saw there share of female military casualties and in 2002 1/10th of the countries one million military, were women.

United Kingdom

Women have served in the British military for many years and it was estimated that one fifth of British servicemen sent to Afghanistan in 2008, were female (credit robert). Although not taking active combat roles, the nature of the war meant they were always in danger.

United States of America

Although women could serve in the military since 1775, they could not have uniformed roles until the 20th century. More recently though that has changed and it is currently estimated that 14% of The US is active forces are female.