Top 10 Most Common Blogging Mistakes

Blogging is one of the newest internet marketing techniques that is being exploited by most internet marketers to promote their business brands and the products they sell. Even with the emergence of this technique, blogging requires a bit of work so as they can be fully commercialized. By abiding to some of the search optimisation guidelines, an individual is one step closer to commercializing their blogs.


If you wondering ‘what is search engine optimisation?’ we’ll try to shade some light on the concept before we tackle the main area of concern. SEO can be defined as a strategy where a web owner attempts to increase traffic to their website by obtaining a high ranking score on the major search engines.
Here are a few tips to teach you how to write a blog. If you want to own a good blog, avoid the following mistakes:

10) Not having a proper schedule for publishing

The first mistake we’ll look at which is quite common amongst blogger is that most of them are yet to establish a blogging schedule. They do not have a guideline that can help them publish their blogs. Whether you decide to settle on a daily or weekly schedule, embrace it and stick to it.

9) Robotic writing

If you want to run a successful blog, then you need to stop publishing robotic items for your readers. Blogs need to be engaging and have a personal touch. You need to know that a blog targets people and not robots.

8) Blogging goal

One of the worst mistake that you can afford to make as a blogger is to come up with a blog and fail to identify your goals. Your blogging goals should guide you throughout the experience and act as your benchmark.

7) Failing to network

Networking and blogging go hand in hand. Whether you are a new blogger or a veteran blogger you need to ensure that you make contacts with other blogger. Such networks will help market your blog.

6) Creating spam like blogs

Obtaining most of your content from other people’s blogs will not cut it for you. Base your content on originality and copying your content from other blogger. Google are very keen on this and in a matter of time, you are bound to get caught.

5) Failing to include images

Images play a critical role when it comes to blogging. If you really claim to know how to write a blog, then you should know that a blog is not complete without an image.

4) Forgetting to come up with an email list

Email listing is a marketing technique that if used effectively can generate a lot of traffic. By obtaining the email addresses of your readers, you can increase your blog’s awareness through supplying them with newsletters and other information.

3) Coming up with weak titles for your blog

Even the search optimisation guidelines do not allow this. The competition in the market cannot allow you to come up with weak or obvious titles and walk away with that. Make your topics as interesting and intriguing as possible.

2) Failing to optimize your blogs

If you truly understand ‘what is search engine optimisation’, then you should have it easy with this particular step. It’s only after optimizing your blog that you can be able to attract traffic.

1) Ignoring your readers comments

The comment section in your blog should be used to make your blog better. This can only be achieved if you open to your reader’s comments.