Top 10 Coldest Places in the World

There are many cold places on this planet, too many to mention here and so the countries listed here have had at least two official reports of being among the coldest. This means that although the list names 10 places, they only come from 5 countries.

Here are what are among the top 10 coldest places in the world:

1. Vostok / Antarctica

– This is considered the coldest place on the planet. It is the location of a Russian Antarctic Research Station and during the coldest month of August, Vostok has recorded temperatures of -128.6F and -89.2C.

2. Plateau station / Antarctica

– Although this American Antarctica Research Station has been closed since 1969, whilst active it recorded in its coldest month of July, temperatures of -119.2F and -84C.

3. Oymyakon / Russia

– This is a village in the Sakha Republic of Russia. Located in a valley in the Khrabet Mountains, it experiences prolonged Arctic winters. During its coldest month of February it has recorded temperatures of -96F and -71.1C.

4. Verkhoyansk / Russia

– This small town is also located in the Sakha Republic of Russia but can experience extreme differences in temperatures between summer and winter. The coldest recorded month here was in a July when the temperatures were -89.8F and -67.7C.

5. North Ice / Greenland

– This is situated on the inland ice of Greenland. This ice station was expanded and occupied from 1952 – 1954 by the British Greenland Expedition and during its coldest month of February has experienced temperatures of -86.8F and -66C.

6. Eismitte / Greenland

– In English this means mid-ice and in German means Ice center but either way, this station was set up as it is perceived as the perfect ice location. In the center of an ice field in inland Greenland, all that can be seen to surround it is ice. The coldest recorded temperatures here were in February when they were -84.8F and -64.9C.

7. Snag, Yukon / Canada

– Situated in a bowl shaped valley of the White River, Yukon, next to the Alaska highway, this place often has foggy skies and frequent freezing winds. The coldest temperatures recorded here were during the month of January when they reached -81.4F and – 64C.

8. Prospect Creek, Alaska / USA

– This place experiences sub-arctic climates with the long winter and short summer. It was originally built up as an extension to the Trans-Alaska transportation route but due to the extremes in temperatures, has now been reduced in size. The coldest temperatures here were in February when they were -79.6F and -62C.

9. Fort Selkirk, Yukon / Canada

– This town was almost deserted in the 1950’s because of the climatic conditions but has since been rejuvenated. Even now though, access to the town is only by either plane or boat. The coldest month here is January with temperatures of -74F and -58.9C.

10. Rogers Pass, Montana / USA

– This place seems to be a favorite among migrating birds such as Swans, Canadian Geese, Golden and Bald Eagles but can be extremely cold during the months of March and April, when temperatures have been recorded as being -69.7F and -56.5C.