Most Talked About Top 10 Biggest Bank Robberies In History

Bank robberies have been part of the human experience ever since people decided that the best place to store their money is in someone else’s vault. While there is no way that bank robberies can ever be justified, there is just something about the sheer daring and cunning that they involve that makes them so compelling. Here is a rundown of the ten biggest bank robberies in history.

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10. Bank of Ireland


Amount stolen:  $US 9 million  

The biggest bank robbery in Ireland’s history took place in 2009. The entire incident occurred in a matter of minutes, and resulted in the loss of more than $9 million.

9. Security Pacific National Bank


Amount stolen: $US 10.8 million

One of the most cunning and clever bank robberies in the United States, this incident occurred in the supposedly high security 55th floor of the building. The case was made all the more remarkable with the absence of any evidence.

8. Loomis Fargo Bank Robbery


Amount stolen: $US 17 million

It was in a single night in 1997 that the Loomis Fargo Bank lost 17 million dollar to robbers who fled in a van. It was later found that the robbery took place with the help of some bank employees.

7. Dunbar Armored Car Depot


Amount stolen: $US 18.9 million

One of the biggest robberies in United States history occurred in 1997. Masterminded by Allen Pace, this robbery also took place with the help of a few bank employees.

6. British Bank of the Middle East Beirut


Amount stolen: $US20 – 50 million in gold, jewels, bonds and stocks

An amazingly daring and clever bank robbery, this incident is especially interesting in that the robbers broke through the wall of a church located right next door to the bank.

5. Northern Bank


Amount stolen: $US 50 million

One of the biggest bank robberies in British history, this incident took place on the Christmas Eve of 2004. Prior to the actual robbery, the culprits actually held some bank employees hostage and thereby gained assistance for the crime.

4. Banco Central Brazil


Amount stolen: $US 69.8 million

This bank robbery was made distinctive by the highly creative approach taken by the robbers, who first rented an empty building located close to the bank. They then dug a tunnel more than 220 feet long and got away with more than $69.80 million dollars.

3. The Knightsbridge Security Deposit


Amount stolen: $US 111 million

This robbery occurred in London’s Westminster district, where the Royal family resides. In order to buy time to get away after the incident, the robbers put up a sign that said that the bank was temporarily closed.

2. Dar Es Salaam


Amount stolen: $US 300 million

This robbery took place in Baghdad’s Bank of Karrada District. The second biggest bank robbery in the world, this one resulted in the robbery of over $300 million dollars.

1. Central Bank of Iraq


Amount stolen: $US 1 billion

The largest bank robbery in the world is notable for both the amount of money stolen and the sheer daring of the plan. It occurred in Iraq in 2003 at the height of the U.S. bombardment of Baghdad. It is said that some of the money was later recovered from the palace of Saddam Hussein.