Top 10 Best Online Shopping Portal in the World

10 – Founded 1996


This is a popular site because it allows potential customers to compare other online prices before being committed to buying.
9 – Founded 1873

Although thisIn these modern days of click and buy, the internet shop has become big business. There is some discussions as to which are the best online shopping sites as it often depends on what you are looking for. However, the top online shopping sites can probably be determined by popularity and so here is a list of what are probably the top 10 best online shopping portal in the world with the year they were founded.

Zappos .com – Founded 1999

Zappos .com
Zappos .com

Although this site retails bags, sunglasses, clothes and accessories, it is the biggest online retailer of shoes. This site is possibly popular as it allows one year for the returning of goods.
is a long established company for the purchasing of books, it only came online since 2006. Now that it is online, it is probably the largest supplier of reading material online.
7 – Founded 1969

This is a well-established retailer for clothing, either men’s, women’s or children’s and now that has come online, it has become one of the largest internet retailers.
6 – Founded 1962

This is another well-established retailer that is making an impression on the online market. With years of retail experience and regular deals, this online retailer is probably destined to last the fast growing competition.
5 – Founded 1983

This American company is well-established in the sales of electronic equipment and given that it has a large network of stores, it can offer a good range of deals.
4 – Founded 2008

Only launched in 2008, this site quickly built up a good following. Although this isn’t the biggest online retailer, it stands out from the others due to the extreme loyalty of the customers that it does have.
3 – Founded 1962

Wal-Mart is the largest company in the world with a massive amount of retail outlets. It is therefore hardly surprizing, considering its extensive resources, that it has become very popular as an online retailer.
2 – Founded 1995

This is the largest auction site online and can offer some good deals. Although the site may not deal in groceries, it is perhaps surprizing how many items of interest that you can find on this site.
1 – Founded 1994

This is the largest online retailer and really is a virtual mall. The range of items that this site offers is really staggering, from songs and music to CDs, videos, electronics and furniture it really can supply it all, just like the local mall except with this retailer, there is no need to leave the comfort of your own home or even get out of your pyjamas for that matter.
Although one of these top 10 sites may not have everything that you are looking for, between them they certainly will.