10 Most Recommended Laptops in 2013 With Specs & Features

Every year there seems to be more and more computers on the market and increasingly, laptops seem to be becoming still more popular. With so many choices now out there, which is the best to buy? Here is a list of possibly the top 10 best laptops to buy in 2013.


1.Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

– Not only has this machine been designed to be capable of doing some serious business work but also looks slim, sleek and professional. This will prove to be one laptop that is highly sought after.

2.Dell XPS 12

– With a core i7 processor and a 8GB Ram, this laptop can really take care of any business that you may have, quickly and efficiently. The screen can be pushed, changing this into a tablet. It is also an ideal laptop, desktop hybrid with a 12.5 inch screen giving 1080p resolution.

3.Asus ZenBook Prime

With excellent resolution and color on a 13 inch HD screen, this is rarely matched by any other laptop. It allows plenty of great viewing angles and has a full 7 hours of battery life, making it the perfect portable accessory.

4.Apple MacBook Pro

This is certainly one of Apple’s best accomplishments. Although it is ultra light and thin, it still has all the latest features and has a battery that can, at full charge, keep going for a complete 7 hours.

5.Apple MacBook Air

This has been a success since its first release in 2008. This laptop comes in two sizes, a 13.3 inch screen or an 11.6 inch screen, weighing 2.9Lbs and 2.5Lbs respectively. It has become popular as it is very portable and easy to carry around.

6.HP Envy 14 Spectre

Although this has a large 14 inch display, it has a design that is hot and stylish, making it a popular choice for students and businessmen alike.

7.Asus VivoBook S200

This is a very portable laptop with a sleek design but its best feature is probably the price, it still has all the features of other laptops but with a price tag that probably makes it the best value for money buy today.

8.Asus K55VD

This may not have a touch screen or an extra powerful processor but is popular with students not only because its graphics package is ideal for games, but it also has a slot for extra memory to be added.

9.Toshiba Satellite L855-148

This is probably the most powerful laptop available, making it ideal for those that are looking to replace a desktop. A mobile graphics set also makes it the ideal laptop for playing games.

10.HP Envy SleekBook

This has a dedicated graphics card that makes it ideal, not only for games but also other graphic orientated tasks. Probably this laptops best feature is that it can be great for those that are always on the go, as it has a battery that can last for the whole of nine hours.