Top 10 Interesting Facebook Facts

Today we share 10 interest Facebook facts you might have not known before. Founded on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and friends, Facebook has been leaving interesting facts trails about itself. It can also be said that it’s probably one of the most influential online portals/network  in our lives today.


1o:Al Pacino’s face on Facebook’s first home page

This was the time when “Facebook” was launched as “the Facebook” initially. The Facebook banner had a blue color and a man’s face dubbed as the Facebook man along with binary patterns. It is said that “the Facebook man’s” image was actually Al Pacino’s face which on of Mark Zuckerberg’s class mate had edited for him to use it on the banner.

9:1/3 of Divorces filled in US had Facebook as a reason in 2011

The profile information is becoming one of the major reasons of conflict between many couples world over. However, in US 2011, it went a bit too seriously. According to sources, 1/3 of divorces filled in US stated Facebook as a reason since either of the two (husband or wife) had something on their profile which was intolerable by the other half. Besides this, other reasons included shady pictures of the half tagged by their friends which led to divorce.

8:Iceland re-wrote it’s constitution using Facebook

Almost two third’s of Iceland population is on Facebook. That itself is an interesting fact but in 2011, Iceland used the help of Facebook to re-write their constitution. Yes, their National Constitution, through Facebook!. Citizens of Iceland used Facebook to comment and have their say about the bills that were brought up to be passed by the parliament.

7:Adding number 4 at the end of Facebook’s URL will lead to Mark Zuckerberg’s profile

It does sound a bit weird but it is true. does lead to Mark Zuckerberg’s very own profile. People have always been curious to know the reason of choosing number 4 rather mark.zuckerberg or even the number 1, since he is the CEO. Well, the most logical answer to it could be as Facebook was founded on Feb 4 and in 2004 so number 4 might be a little too special for Mr. Zuckerberg.

6:Facebook pays $500 to anyone who hacks into it

Interesting gets rewarding. Facebook pays $500 to anyone who hacks into their system. This basically reflects an intention to make their software and system more bug free. Sources have also reported that once Facebook even hired a guy who was able to change 10 profiles on Facebook look as My Space profiles. Instead of taking action against people who crack Facebook’s code, it hires them!

5:Facebook is blue because Mark Zuckerberg is color-blind

In an interview to a channel, Mark Zuckerberg said the only color he can see completely is the color blue. Probably that is the reason from day 1, Facebook is themed all over blue.

4:There is a Pirate language you may set for your Facebook profile

That’s right! If you’re fond of Pirates of the Caribbean or any other pirate series, you’re more than welcome to communicate with your friends in a “pirate language”

3:Average number of friends per profile: 229

According to recently released Facebook stats, a comparison between total number of profiles against total number of friends for each profile revealed that if averaged, each Facebook profile would have approximately 229 friends.

2:Half of the population on Facebook logs in through a mobile device

So we may conclude that Facebook is probably one of the biggest reason for the rise in sale as well as demand for hand held devices, especially smart phones. Rather than checking in through your computer, it is much more convenient to log on to Facebook to view the current updates and share stuff with friends.

1:As of now, Facebook is worth $40 billion

So if one fine day you log on to your Facebook account and there’s a magical idea that pops in your head to buy Facebook, well you should have at least $40 billion in your pocket or more. But you cal also settle for less if you wish to, on average, each Facebook profile is worth $4.39.